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In the previous episode titled, “How to Expand Your Mind To Go BIG with Multifamily Investing,” I make the argument that bigger is better. I stand by that, so please listen to that episode before you listen to this one!  However, if you go through the exercises laid out in that episode and still don’t feel comfortable with going big, I have a Plan B: duplexes

In this episode, I will lay out a plan for you to do a deal on a duplex in 90 days. And if that's what it takes for you to get into multifamily investing, then DO IT. Buy that duplex. Will you retire from it? No, but at least you're in the game.

Key Takeaways:

Why Duplexes Are the Perfect Way To Get Started With Multifamily Investing

[3:22] Reason # 1: There's more of them and they're easier to find

[4:39] Reason # 2: You need less money

[5:01] Reason # 3: They're easier to analyze

[5:19] Reason # 4: You don't need to build a huge team

[6:06] Reason # 5: Cash flow per unit tends to be better than for larger MF properties

[7:05] Vision setting is important but don’t let your vision stop you from achieving your goals

[8:08] 90-day plan to buying your first duplex

[8:51] Week 1: Educate yourself

[9:35] Week 2: Determine investing area

[10:27] Week 3: Analyze 5 deals

[15:33] Criteria:

[17:58] Week 4: Start raising money

[19:04] The last two months

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