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In this episode, Mark Walker shares with us how he replaced his income from a high-tech job with passive income from multifamily properties. Like so many people I’ve talked with, Mark started investing in single family housing before realizing that multifamily investing would allow him to achieve his dream of financial freedom.

His path was not always easy but one day in Mark “decided” that he was going to achieve financial freedom and from that moment on he worked towards escaping the rat race. In my experience, once you truly decide to do something you can’t stop yourself from taking action! So decide already!

Mark has some great advice and he’s even got a free PFD that you can download entitled,  “10 “Not So Obvious” Ways to Boost Your Multifamily Property NOI.”

Key Takeaways

[1:15] Mark’s Backstory

[3:38] The day Mark “decided” to achieve financial freedom

[5:16] Why Mark started investing in condo’s and townhomes

[6:05] Marks Hiatus from real estate investing

[9:10] Why Mark decided to shift strategy and start investing in multifamily

[13:04] Why Mark decided to do bigger multifamily deals

[14:13] Marks mental struggle transitioning from a W2 employee to a full-time real estate investor.

[17:40] What Mark would do differently if he could do it over:

[20:11] Why a very successful investor would be willing to partner with a noobie

[23:10] Marks advice for a new investor

Resources Mentioned

Mark's gift to listeners: 10 “Not So Obvious” Ways to Boost Your Multifamily Property NOI

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