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MB363: Achieving Financial Freedom as a Passive Investor – With Spencer Hilligoss

MB 336 Spencer Hilligoss

Many investors question whether their financial advisor has their best interests at heart. But seeking out alternative investments on your own can be scary if the stock market is all you’ve ever known. Listen in as Spencer Hilligoss explains how he achieved financial freedom as a passive investor in alternative assets like multifamily real estate!

More About Bonus Depreciation

Bonus Depreciation

Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: Bonus Depreciation We recently shared an article outlining Accelerated Depreciation in Real Estate. You may not have heard the term accelerated depreciation or bonus deprecation. Even some seasoned apartment building investors haven’t. That’s because it has traditionally been a tax benefit reserved […]

What Does Cost Segregation Mean For You as a Real Estate Investor?


Today we want to talk about a key term in real estate investing, cost segregation. Cost Segregation is really simple. It’s the idea that within an apartment building, some things have a useful life of maybe 27 years, and other things, like carpets or countertops are going to have a much shorter life.  By segregating, […]