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MB364: Investing in Farmland as Part of a Diversified Portfolio – With Artem Milinchuk

MB 364 Artem Milichuk

Smart investors diversify their portfolios. And while multifamily real estate is our favorite asset class, we love learning about other alternatives to the stock market. Artem Milinchuk suggests investing in farmland, an asset class that does well in times of inflation and appreciates over time. Artem is Founder and Head of Strategy at FarmTogether, a […]

MB333: Innovating Around Affordable Housing – With Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson


The lack of affordable housing is a big problem in the US. And most developers shy away from these projects because it’s hard to make money. But Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson is not most developers. Listen in and learn how he’s innovating in the workforce housing space, making it possible to ‘do good while doing good.’