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Hate affirmations that feel insincere? Read on for the 4 steps to doing affirmations RIGHT so they actually work!

Affirmations have always felt insincere to me. Artificial statements like I am a money magnet or I will be a millionaire in 12 months feel like lies—and they don’t offer anything that’s actionable.

But in my recent conversation with bestselling author (and Deal Maker Live keynote speaker) Hal Elrod, I learned a much more effective approach to affirmations. It’s the one Hal shares in his new book, The Miracle Equation.

In this week’s video, I share the 4 steps to doing affirmations RIGHT so they actually work!

I walk you through Hal’s Miracle Mantra and explain why it’s crucial to reaffirm your WHY.

You’ll understand how to commit to consistent, extraordinary action, knowing that you are deserving AND capable of achieving financial freedom!

Watch the video below (or keep reading).

Step #1: The Miracle Mantra

Hal explains that if you’re doing goals right, the outcome is less important than committing fully to the journey. The person you become as you work to achieve your goal is what really matters.

If achieving financial freedom through real estate investing is your goal, start your affirmation with this miracle mantra:

I am committed to maintaining unwavering faith that I will be financially free, and I will continue to put forth extraordinary effort until I do, NO MATTER WHAT—THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.

The emphasis here is committing fully. If your intention is to quit your job in 12 months, and you don’t quite make it, it’s not the end of the world. The timeline may shift but giving up is not even a possibility.

Step #2: Define Your WHY

Why are you committed to your mission? The second part of an effective affirmation is to remind yourself of the reasons you are doing what you’re doing:

The reason I’m committed to my mission is because having financial freedom will allow me to provide for and spend time with my family and be the best husband and father I can be.

Remembering your deeper why keeps you motivated when times are tough.

Step #3: Establish Your Level of Commitment

Effective affirmations get specific about what you’re willing to do EVERY DAY to achieve your goals. For example:

To ensure that the attainment of my mission is INEVITABLE, I remain committed to analyzing one deal every day during my lunch hour—without being emotionally attached to the results.

Get granular about the extraordinary action your will take, and remember that you’re focused on the action itself, not the outcome. Keep analyzing deals and you will eventually achieve the outcome you want, so don’t worry about how long it takes. 

Step #4: Assert Your Worthiness

The final part of an affirmation that works is about reminding yourself that you are worth it:

I am committed to my mission of living every day as the best version of myself because I KNOW that I am just as worthy, deserving and capable of creating miracles and achieving everything I want as any other person on this earth.

You’ve got to believe that you deserve to achieve financial freedom. That mindset will drive you to keep taking extraordinary action.

Final Thoughts

Follow these 4 steps and you’ve got an affirmation that matters:

1.     The Miracle Mantra

2.     Reaffirm your WHY

3.     Establish your level commitment

4.     Assert your worthiness

If you maintain unwavering faith and take extraordinary action, your goal of achieving financial freedom is inevitable. And you’ll become a better version of yourself in the process!

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Learning about setting goals in this new way (i.e. committing to the outcome but not the timeline) was eye-opening for me.

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