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Many investors want to get into apartment buildings. They rightly view it as a way to achieve their financial goals, and they recognize that any other investing strategy (such as single family houses) will simply take too long.

Some of those investors actually take action and invest in their education; perhaps they buy a course, attend a seminar, or even hire a coach.

Interestingly, out of these eager investors, only 10% of them go home and actually implement the system they’ve learned. The rest quickly lose their enthusiasm and resume their normal life.

What’s missing?

If you talk with “top gun” entrepreneurs who are actually doing deals, you’ll find that they develop 3 habits that other “normal” investors don’t. Top guns perform these 3 activities each and every week and often for months and even years. It’s doing these 3 activities consistently over a long period of time that produces results for these entrepreneurs.

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