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One of my favorite quotes is, “Greatness begins where your Comfort Zone ends.” Yet traveling beyond the boundaries where we feel secure is… well, uncomfortable.

So, how do we learn to choose a little discomfort for the sake of personal growth?

Watch the video below (or continue reading) and learn how to challenge yourself by living life in the Growth Zone.

Challenges Help Us Grow

Though we would prefer to have our lives run smoothly, the truth is that challenges and setbacks are a blessing in disguise because they help us expand. Think for a minute about the times that you’ve learned the most about yourself, shown the most character, or grown the most as a person…

I’m willing to bet that you remembered a tough situation where you rose to the occasion or accomplished something you didn’t know you were capable of. Where you overcame roadblocks. Weathered the storm.

In the absence of difficult circumstances and new experiences, we get stuck. In the presence of challenges that take us outside our Comfort Zone, we grow.

Avoiding the Panic Zone

But you do want to be careful that you don’t get too far outside your comfort zone. If you’re thrown into a situation that is WAY beyond what you’re used to, you may not be in a position to cope.

I call this the Panic Zone, and it’s not a place where you can grow.  That’s the place where you’re paralyzed by fear or freaking out. Either way, you want to stay out of the Panic Zone!

So, the key here is finding that perfect place between Too Easy and Too Hard where you can thrive.

The Ideal Place for Growth

The goal is to live our lives in the Growth Zone, that region just outside our Comfort Zone—but before we reach the Panic Zone. That’s where we can become a better version of ourselves.

In the Growth Zone, you start to have a vision for what’s possible without getting overwhelmed.

You start to make progress toward your dreams, and although it’s not a joy ride, you feel confident you can achieve the next milestone.

You don’t mind the hard work because you’re becoming a better version of yourself—and the pride and satisfaction that comes with that is well worth any temporary discomfort.

A Case Study in Sushi

For a concrete example, let’s look at food. If you’ve never tried sushi and the thought of eating raw fish turns your stomach, you may be hesitant to join a friend at Nobu. And if that friend pressures you to try the Sashimi Platter on your first visit, they’re sending you into Panic Zone territory. You may bolt from the restaurant—and maybe even the friendship!

A better choice for your first meal is the California Roll, which will get you used to the taste of sushi dishes without eating any fish at all. You graduate to the Tuna Roll on your next trip, and after several pleasant experiences at Nobu, you give the Sashimi Platter a shot.

Greatness Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends

Though it’s hard to remember when you’re faced with challenging circumstances, adversity is a good thing because it affords us the opportunity for growth. If you’re set on achieving greatness, you simply MUST live outside your Comfort Zone on a regular basis.

And this applies to every aspect of your life: Whether it’s your relationships, your spiritual journey, or your multifamily investing career, I challenge you to move beyond what’s easy and comfortable—and try the California Roll, in whatever form it takes.

Have the difficult conversation. Take the next step. Dig deep. And savor the Sashimi Platter!

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