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If you’re just getting started in real estate investing, you’re probably reading books and blogs, sharing ideas with other investors, and maybe even developing your brand on social media.

As you build your network and your confidence, you’ll also want to arm yourself with the latest tools to help you work effectively and efficiently in the digital world.

Today I want to share with you some of the software and apps that my team and I use to do business.

8 Must-Have Tools For Apartment Syndication Newbie Investors

8 Must Have Tools for Apartment Syndication Newbie Investors

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1. Zoom Meeting online is the new office. We use Zoom for webinars and video conferencing. It's easy to host and join meetings, and Zoom syncs with our calendars and devices. You'll be using video conferencing every day to stay connected to your team and zoom has worked well for us for our day-to-day operations.

2. Loom There are times when you need to explain something with a visual. We use the video messaging platform Loom for screen-recording and screen-sharing videos. Record and send a quick Loom to eliminate the need for a meeting or phone call. This has definitely been a time and productivity hack, so it's highly recommended.

3. Active Campaign Your email list is invaluable. You'll want to send frequent emails to keep your investors up to date and share information about deals. We send our weekly newsletters and other communications with Active Campaign so that our emails are automated and we spend less time on repetitive tasks.

4. WordPress A key component to building your online platform is your website and blog. This website – the one you're reading right now – is hosted on WordPress. You'll want to make your website custom to your brand, and WordPress works with numerous plug-ins that enable us to do that.

5. WhatsApp We use WhatsApp to communicate through secure voice messages. It's an easy and fast way to create a group text or a chat, share photos, videos, or even documents. Whether you're walking through a property or at you're at a conference with a bright idea, you can be in contact with your team at a moment's notice.

6. Slybroadcast For voicemail drops, we use Slybroadcast. This enables us to call directly to voicemail and send a lot of ringless voicemail drops (also known as RVM) directly to our contacts. We're all about efficiency and this tool helps to increase our velocity of sending a voice message at scale.

7. Syndicated Deal Analyzer Of course, the Syndicated Deal Analyzer is THE BEST way for you to analyze deals. There are many different ways to look at deals, but this unique and proprietary tool has been tested by hundreds of investors and it's helped so many close deals with the right numbers. You can find it right here.

8. Smartphone And lastly, your smartphone is another indispensable tool for photos and videos – and posting to social media. If you're not working to build your platform or brand, you're definitely missing out. You don't need an expensive camera or studio set up to get started. With a little bit of creativity, youtube tutorials, and a commitment to succeed, your smartphone will be one of the best tools you use to grow your investor business. You can follow us on Instagram to see how we put our phones to use!

These are the tools we use every day to collaborate and streamline our workflow. Consider putting them in your toolbox to help you achieve your investing dreams faster.

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