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At the heart of your real estate business is the ongoing need to scale and raise capital.

How do you do that?

You have a platform and a network of friends and acquaintances. But maybe after your first deal, you’ve exhausted that network. When it’s time to raise more money for your second or third deal, where do you go?

You need to make connections with more people and grow that network of potential investors.

You can do that through social media.

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How to Use Social Media for Your Real Estate Business

Today's world is no longer only physical. It's also virtual.

The thing about social media is, most people use it. Many people wouldn’t even know how to navigate their lives without it. That’s why it’s crucial to your business. If social media is where the people are, it’s where you need to be, as well.

Social media marketing means creating content specifically geared toward a social media platform and the audience you want to reach. The goal is to grow your exposure through likes, shares, and follows, and ultimately bring more traffic to your website and your offer.

You might choose to focus on one social media platform or you might choose to create content for each of the popular platforms, tailoring each post for that platform’s environment.

Where to Share

A social media platform is all about community and each community is a little different.

Facebook, for instance, has a huge number of users who use the platform to share photos, moments, news, and information. As a business, you can utilize a wealth of tools offered by Facebook and run a business page.

People go to Facebook for a variety of reasons and there are multiple places for you to share your content, from Groups to Stories and even Lives. You can host Events on Facebook and maintain photo albums.

It’s active, ever-changing and a good place to get your content in front of a lot of eyes.

Instagram focuses on photos and videos. You’ll want the content you create for Instagram to be visually strong and appealing. You can also use hashtags – think of them as a cataloging system – to bring the right people to your message.

Twitter is a go-to platform for news and conversation. Nearly 500 million tweets are published worldwide on a daily basis. Twitter is active, immediate, and super easy.

Linked In is a professional network. It’s a great place to showcase your skills, make business contacts, and publish articles.

Your audience on LinkedIn is more focused and perhaps more educated about real estate.

TikTok is the platform of the hour. It’s a video sharing platform that’s face-paced and personality driven.

Social Media platforms give you an opportunity to present your bio, your voice, your offer, and get your information and personality in front of more and more people.

What to Share

To succeed, you need to post something of value for your audience every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, and don’t shy away from the personal. Sharing stories and thoughts from your personal life is a way to make valuable and authentic connections.

You want your audience to see you as human and intelligent – a thought leader in your particular realm of the social media world.

Share links to your lists and programs, photos of your properties, and testimonials. Share your personality and your goals.

The most important thing to remember is, social media is social. It’s about conversations. You want to generate conversations around and about your business. Social media is a great way to keep those conversations going.

Check out these tips on how to raise money through your social media platform, this conversation with Brandon Turner about scaling your business with social media, and our latest podcast episode with Lili Thompson, who shares advice on how social platforms help us maintain those real-life connections and make tens of thousands of others.

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