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Why would a real estate investor want to share content on social media?

Yes, we can build relationships with other investors and raise capital without Instagram or YouTube. But social platforms help us maintain those real-life connections and make tens of thousands of others!

So, how can we use social media to crush it in real estate?

Lili Thompson was playing with the Harlem Globetrotters when COVID hit. Stuck at home with nothing to do, Lili learned about wholesaling and decided to try it—and document the process on social media.

Today, Lili is one of the rising stars in the real estate space, and she has 148K subscribers on YouTube.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Lili joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to discuss how she benefits from sharing her real estate journey on YouTube, describing the connections she’s made with other beginners and experienced investors alike.

Lili offers insight into how she built an audience on social media and explains why it’s important to produce content consistently.

Listen in to understand why Lili is shifting into the multifamily space (using my Syndicated Deal Analyzer) and take the first steps to creating a thought leadership platform of your own, no matter where you are in your real estate journey!

Key Takeaways 

How Lili got into real estate investing

How Lili benefitted from wholesaling

Why Lili shares her journey on YouTube

What Lili’s learned from documenting her journey

The benefits of sharing your journey on social media

Lili’s insight on building an audience on YouTube

How to overcome the fear of getting started

Why it’s important to produce content regularly

Why Lili is considering a shift to multifamily

How analyzing multifamily deals is different

What Lili likes about the Syndicated Deal Analyzer

Lili’s plan for raising capital for multifamily

What’s next for Lili Invests

The tools Lili uses for a direct mail campaign

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