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You might be seeing headlines like, Apartment Building Sales Tanked 74%

You might be wondering what's going on.

Should you wait to go into investing?

From Deliberation to Action: Seizing Opportunities in the Multifamily Market

From Deliberation to Action Seizing Opportunity in the Multifamily Market

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Should You Wait to Invest?

I want to talk through what's going on right now and whether you should wait in this market, or take advantage of the opportunity.

The one thing that changed in the last 12 months, the one thing that has been so different from any other time in history, is that interest rates went up so rapidly.

No one could predict or underwrite debt when deals were being bought one or two years ago, and that has created everything that you're seeing right now.

Interest Rates Have Gone up and Prices Have Fallen

What's happening right now is a disconnect between sellers who want the price from a year ago and buyers who are using mortgages that are more expensive to buy.

We saw the same thing after COVID. We're seeing the same thing in single family houses, as well. The volume is super low because no one wants to sell their house right now. Volume is down, and prices are down.

The Fundamentals Are Strong

The odd thing is the fundamentals are strong. There's really nothing different with the fundamentals in real estate. In fact, there's still the housing market. We're still short six and a half million homes in affordable housing.


Because you can't build any more affordable housing.

So the fundamentals are super strong. And that's typically the kind of environment that Warren Buffett invests in. And so should you.

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