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Secure Your Financial Freedom With the Freedom Vault

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The Freedom Vault is your all-in-one resource for getting started with Multifamily Real Estate.

It is possible to achieve financial freedom in the next 1-3 years…

And it doesn’t require you to flip a single house…

Or use any of your own money.

We created the Freedom Vault to house the valuable resources we've shared over the years for both actively and passively investing in apartment buildings, in one single place.

What’s Inside The Freedom Vault?

Once you join for free, you’ll get instant access to:

The Secret To Raising Money To Buy Your First Apartment Building

  • How to gain instant credibility without prior experience
  • How to find your investors and what to say
  • How to get commitments from your investors long BEFORE you have your first deal under contract

The Complete Guide To Real Estate Syndications For Passive Investors

  • How do syndications work and how are they structured
  • What is the investment process like
  • How and when are investors paid
  • What you can expect after closing

The 10-Minute Offer

  • How to quickly analyze a deal and determine your maximum offer price – in 10 minutes or less
  • What to say to the broker to make the offer and start the negotiation process
  • Step-by-step case study on an actual 12-unit deal

The Passive Investor Income Calculator

  • The exact spreadsheet I use to project future income through passive investments

How To Scale Your Syndication Business

  • How much should you invest in acquiring a new investor
  • Live deal analysis that walks you through real world examples so you’ll have an accurate picture of future earnings

Finding Off-Market Multifamily Deals

  • The exact system I use to find profitable multifamily deals that aren’t listed on the market yet

Letter Of Intent Template

  • This is the document I use when making a commitment to purchase a property

What’s The Best Investment: The Stock Market or Real Estate?

  • The pros and cons of investing in Wall Street
  • How and why multifamily real estate does well even in recessions

We're happy to share our years of experience with you. The Freedom Vault is yours to join – for free.

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