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What Does Cost Segregation Mean For You as a Real Estate Investor?


Today we want to talk about a key term in real estate investing, cost segregation. Cost Segregation is really simple. It’s the idea that within an apartment building, some things have a useful life of maybe 27 years, and other things, like carpets or countertops are going to have a much shorter life.  By segregating, […]

What is Inflation and How Does it Relate to Real Estate?

Inflation has cropped up as a big issue! For a while, the Federal Reserve was saying, This is transitory, but they’re starting to think this is going to become more of a long term situation. Inflation is a term that everybody knows. It’s also closely linked to real estate investing. Simply, inflation is the rise […]

What Makes Buying a Foreclosed Property Risky

What Makes Buying Foreclosed Property Risky

  Foreclosed properties sound like a great idea. We’ve all seen those HGTV shows where someone makes a lot of money on one. But there are a lot of risks involved. What are the risks and dangers of buying a foreclosed property? A foreclosed home is one that needs a lot of work. The previous […]

Secure Your Financial Freedom With the Freedom Vault

Secure Your Financial Freedom With the Freedom Vault

Click Here For Instant Access The Freedom Vault is your all-in-one resource for getting started with Multifamily Real Estate. It is possible to achieve financial freedom in the next 1-3 years… And it doesn’t require you to flip a single house… Or use any of your own money. We created the Freedom Vault to house […]