Advancements in technology allow us to access and analyze an incredible amount of data. But what does this mean for multifamily investors? Can we make use of tech tools to find off-market deals, for example? What if we could automate the underwriting process? How might machine learning facilitate market analysis?

Raj Tekchandani is the Founder and Managing Principal at Smart Capital Management, a real estate investment firm that focuses on the acquisition and management of value-add multifamily properties. Raj brings his significant experience in tech startups to his work as a full-time investor, leveraging data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify strategic assets in emerging markets that provide high-yield returns.

Today, Raj joins me to explain how he got started in real estate, buying condos in Orlando to supplement his uncertain W-2 income. He discusses what inspired his transition to multifamily and shares his diverse experience as an active investor, passive investor, and capital raiser for syndication deals. Listen in for Raj’s assessment of the available tech tools for real estate and learn how he quit his job in startups to become a data-driven multifamily investor! 

Key Takeaways

What inspired Raj’s interest in real estate

  • Uncertainty of work in tech startups
  • Create second income stream

How Raj got started in real estate

  • Friend buying condos in Orlando (2012)
  • Purchased 9 of own for cashflow

Raj’s transition to multifamily

  • Reading about economies of scale
  • Decision to get more involved

Raj’s first multifamily investment

  • 15-unit in up-and-coming neighborhood nearby
  • Unexpected expenses, fired property manager

How Raj got into passive investing in multifamily

  • Continuing education in syndications
  • LP for 151-unit in Georgia

Why Raj decided to quit his job and do real estate full-time

  • Control own destiny, control own time
  • Bring passion for data analytics to real estate

What Raj is working on now

  • Partner with syndicator as capital raiser
  • ‘Full-time evangelist for multifamily’

The tech tools for real estate Raj is exploring

  • Reonomy for apartment ownership data
  • Enodo for underwriting multifamily deals
  • Building market analysis tools with Bay Area company

How Raj educates new real estate investors

  • Build trust through meetups and content
  • Walk through recent transaction
  • Serve as concierge through first deal

What Raj looks for in a multifamily operator

  • Trusted partners from mastermind network
  • Responsive to communication

Connect with Raj

Smart Capital Management

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