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Should you self-manage your multifamily portfolio? Or is it better to outsource to a third-party? If you do choose to outsource, what should you look for in a property management team?

Tony LeBlanc is the author of The Doorpreneur: Property Management Beyond the Rent Roll, a book that redefines the potential of property management businesses. Tony grew up inside the industry, watching his mother manage the building where he was raised. Ten years ago, he started his own property management company, and today, it is one of the largest on Canada’s East Coast and supports seven subsidiary businesses from landscaping to commercial cleaning to a real estate brokerage.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Tony joins me to explain how he developed The Doorpreneur Way and what it meant for his property management company in terms of productivity and profit. He offers insight around how to hire a third-party property manager, what the ideal investor-property manager relationship looks like, and why it can be difficult to manage to a pro forma. Listen in for Tony’s innovative ideas for driving additional revenue and learn when it makes sense to self-manage your portfolio and when to outsource the job.

Key Takeaways

Tony’s extensive experience in property management

What inspired Tony to write The Doorpreneur Way

Tony’s advice on hiring a third-party property manager

The ideal relationship between property managers and investors

Tony’s approach to working with sophisticated investors

What makes it difficult for property managers to stay on budget

Tony’s Doorpreneur Model

  1. Determine where subbing out most work
  2. Market research in new area
  3. Cut teeth on own properties
  4. Open door to general public

Tony’s best practices for property managers

Innovative ways to increase revenue and reduce expenses

Tony’s insight around personal development practices

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The Doorpreneur: Property Management Beyond the Rent Roll by Tony LeBlanc

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The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma

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