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MB337: Collaborating with Your Property Management Team – With Nathan Ridgeway

CollaboratingWithYourProperty ManagementTeam

Are you too hands-off with your property management team? Or too involved? What does a healthy relationship between property managers and ownership groups look like? Listen in as Nathan Ridgeway explains how to build a collaborative relationship with your property management company, striking the right balance between trusting your management team and verifying their performance.

MB281: How to Scale a Portfolio of Mobile Home Parks – With Kevin Bupp

How to Scale a Portfolio of Mobile Home Parks – With Kevin Bupp

Scale is crucial to achieving financial freedom with real estate, regardless of the commercial asset class you choose. Today, Kevin Bupp explains how he is living the dream with mobile home parks, describing what it takes to grow a portfolio in this niche and why he committed to building his own property management company.

MB 254: A Hands-On Approach to Asset Management – With Daniel Simpson

A Hands On Approach to Asset Management With Daniel Simpson

In real estate school, we’re taught that the money is made when you buy. But that just isn’t true for apartment buildings, where the money is made in the execution! Today, Daniel Simpson explains how an asset manager guides the property management team in following through on ownership’s plan to increase revenue and reduce expenses.

MB 240: How to Get Unstuck & Get Into Action – With Matt Brawner

A lot of would-be multifamily syndicators get stuck, sometimes out of fear and sometimes because they want to plan every step of the process before they begin. But that’s not how entrepreneurship works! Today, Matt Brawner joins us to explain how to embrace the unknown and get into action to become successful real estate investor.

What Distinguishes Strong Operators From Weak Ones

What Distinguishes Strong Operators from Weak Ones

“When the tide goes out, you can see who’s been swimming naked.” – Warren Buffet. Wall Street’s been hit hard by the economic slowdown, but here’s the thing… Multifamily investing isn’t immune. While it’s still a great bet for passive investors, there’s a key element to consider: Which operators are swimming naked?

MB 193: World-Class Property Management for Multifamily – With Tony LeBlanc

World-Class Property Management for Multifamily – With Tony LeBlanc

Should you self-manage your multifamily portfolio? Or is it better to outsource to a third-party? If you do choose to outsource, what should you look for in a property management team? Today, Tony LeBlanc joins me to describe the ideal investor-property manager relationship and offer ideas for driving additional revenue while decreasing expenses.

Before You Attempt to Manage Your Own Property, Answer These 5 Questions

One result of having the mindset of entrepreneur is that you should not do all of the work yourself, but instead surround yourself with an awesome team and delegate. In particular: Don’t be a PROPERTY manager; be an ASSET manager instead. What’s the difference? If you’re the property manager, you are the manager. If you’re […]

11 Best Practices to Follow for Peak Rental Portfolio Performance

In my article “3 Key Lessons for Avoiding The Dark Side of Passive Income,” I make the case that no investment is or truly should be passive. The same goes for managing your rental or apartment building portfolio. While you don’t need to be involved on a day-to-day basis, you need to establish a rhythm […]