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A lot of would-be multifamily syndicators get stuck, sometimes out of fear and sometimes because they want to plan every step of the process before they dive in. But that’s not how entrepreneurship works! In fact, the most successful real estate investors are the ones who are willing to put themselves out there and learn by doing—taking consistent, imperfect action.

Matt Brawner is Managing Partner at Minnesota Capital Management and Northwoods Servicing, a real estate investing firm and property management company based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Matt and his partners have achieved considerable success turning their $5K investments into a portfolio worth more than $20M, but his greatest passion is teaching. To that end, Matt now serves as a mentor with the Michael Blank organization.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Matt joins cohost Drew Whitson and I to explain how he got into real estate, discussing how he formed a successful partnership with five other investors and what inspired their transition from townhomes to multifamily properties. He introduces us to the idea of setting up debt funds to raise capital and shares the pros and cons of having your own property management company. Listen in for Matt’s insight on scaling a multifamily business and learn how YOU can get unstuck and get into ACTION to become a successful real estate syndicator!

Key Takeaways

What inspired Matt to become a mentor

How Matt got into real estate

What makes for a good partnership

Matt’s transition from townhomes to multifamily

Why Matt’s team had set up debt funds

Matt’s top lessons learned in real estate investing

The benefits of having a property management company

Matt’s advice on property management for new investors

The traits of a successful multifamily syndicator

Matt’s insight on underwriting post-COVID

What aspiring investors get stuck on

The challenges Matt faces in scaling his business

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