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In nearly 300 episodes of the Apartment Building Investing podcast, I’ve talked to big names in real estate like Robert Kiyosaki, Brandon Turner and Grant Cardone. I’ve also had conversations with countless men and women you may not have heard of who achieved financial freedom through multifamily syndications.

And now, Apartment Building Investing is coming to an end. But only because we’re celebrating a new beginning and rebranding the show as Financial Freedom with Real Estate!

On this episode, I explain how Financial Freedom with Real Estate more accurately reflects our mission here at The Michael Blank Organization. I explain what makes investing in apartments better than single family homes, sharing examples of people we’ve empowered to quit their jobs and live a life of purpose through multifamily investing. Listen in for insight on the benefits of our Deal Maker Certification training and find out how to WIN the course in our Financial Freedom Podcast Launch Contest!

Key Takeaways 

Why we’re renaming the podcast Financial Freedom with Real Estate

  • Accurately communicates mission of organization
  • Reach more people thinking about investing

Why apartments are superior to investing in single family homes

  • Performs better in down markets
  • More consistent returns
  • Pay self acquisition fees as syndicator
  • Secure non-recourse debt
  • Control value of property
  • Achieve financial freedom in 2 years

How financial freedom empowers people to live a life of purpose

  • Realize you’re here for something bigger than yourself
  • Sets you up to make impact, become difference-maker

What you learn from our Deal Maker Certification training

  • Proven system to achieve financial freedom with multifamily
  • Process for doing first deal, quitting job and scaling portfolio


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