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I have a soft spot in my heart for kids, especially the kids in Uganda who don’t have things we take for granted, like education, access to fresh water, and medical care.

I work with an organization called Uganda Counseling & Support Services (UCSS).

Dr. Ronald Kaluya, the founder of UCSS, is doing amazing work in this remote community of Uganda and our contributions are making a BIG difference.

Currently we have sponsored 260 students and I know, you can help us surpass our goal of 275!

When you become a student sponsor, you will build a relationship with the child.

You will be that special someone who walks beside them as they grow and learn to become all they were created to be, a chance they would not have without a sponsor. You can connect with the student you sponsor by writing letters and emails or sending cards and uploading them to our system.

For only $25, a sponsorship provides incredible hope to the students, knowing there is someone out there who loves and cares for them.

Join me in bringing hope to Uganda.

Make a difference today.

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