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21 Responses

  1. Good morning Michael
    can I add DSCR to software formula. I like structure deals with 25% down but with in mind the DSCR not less than 1.5.
    which means:
    1) if NOI =150 k, DS =100 k, result my annual return is 50K.
    2) if I want make 200K I should look for property with NOI 600 k.
    your formula is great it has all the factors , it just great to see DSCR to to tell the bank hey this no brainer loan , specially if I wish to make the down payment 10% since the requirement is only DsCR 1.25.
    what is your thoughts
    609 780 4441

  2. Hi Frank
    You are in the right place to learn. Keep reading and listening .
    As an investor , we always look for partners,. Have you deal or cash for a deal let us know.

  3. I am very much interested in buying apartment buildings. I am anxious to read your book to increase my knowledge in this area

  4. I’m in a master of Real Estate Development program and I’m taking a class right now on how to put together deals. Hopefully your book is the resource I’ve been looking for to help me.

  5. Michael:

    Is it possible to flip contracts with multi family? Looking forward to hearing all your material.


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