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I'm excited to be talking with Jake Durtschi with Jacob Grant Property Management in Idaho. One of the things I like about Jake is that he has an investors' mindset – that is, he approaches his property management business from an owners' perspective.

I think this is a critical trait of a good management company. In my interview with Jake, I ask him questions that you, too, should ask your potential property management company, and Jake talks about what you should look for in an answer and what might be a red flag. Jake says that one of the first things your property manager should ask for is what your investment goals are. He feels this is SOOO important because it will give you an idea how compatible you are with the property manager.

The biggest issue you need to address is how compatible you are with your property management company.

  1. What are your goals with regards to free time? Cash Flow?
  2. What are your required returns?
  3. When do you want to sell the property?
  4. Do you want to defer maintenance?
  5. What is your risk tolerance?

Here are some of the “interview” questions we cover next:


Questions around vacancy


Liability Reduction


Legal /  Evictions

Bottom Line Results

How to Connect with Jake

Check out Jake's web site at or drop him a note at jake at

8 Responses

  1. Hi Michael,

    I recently purchased your syndicated deal analyzer spreadsheet. It’s pretty awesome. However, I’m confused with the different returns used. What is the difference between Member Cash on Cash Return, Average Annual Return, and Internal Rate of Return? Also, what are you’re “rules of thumb” for these returns when doing your own deals?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Thanks Michael and Jake for such an informative podcast!! I didn’t think of some of the details you outlined. I think it would be greta to have a list of those questions 😉

    Best to you!

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