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Todd Dexheimer always wanted to be a multifamily investor, but he got distracted by single-family rentals and fix and flips. When he stopped to take a hard look at his portfolio, Todd realized that when it came to return on investment, the rentals were destroying the flips. Worse yet, he was still in a holding pattern—waiting to ‘graduate’ to multifamily. What would his cashflow look like if he stopped wasting time and shifted his focus to apartment buildings?

Todd began his career as a high school teacher, but the meager pay and lack of job satisfaction had him looking for other opportunities. In 2008, he and his wife used their savings to purchase a rental property as well as a live-in flip, and before long he had a significant rental portfolio and 150 flips under his belt. But Todd never stopped dreaming about multifamily, and in 2016 he got back on track and purchased a 22-unit building in Cincinnati. Now he has a total of 106-units and the ambition to grow by another 800 units in 2018.

Today Todd explains how fear, distraction, and a lack of resources held him back from pursuing his multifamily dreams. He shares the details of a 15-unit deal that didn’t go so well, yet taught him several valuable lessons and set him up for future success. Todd discusses how a hard look at his portfolio got him back on the multifamily track and offers an overview of his last two apartment investments. Listen in for Todd’s advice around being taken seriously in a new market and learning from other investors to go big quickly, rather than waiting to ‘graduate.’

Key Takeaways

The Cliff’s Notes version of Todd’s story

The problem Todd was trying to solve with real estate

Todd’s initial investment strategy

 Todd’s first multifamily deal

What Todd learned from his first multifamily deal

What inspired Todd to pursue multifamily again

Todd’s second multifamily deal

Todd’s approach to being taken seriously in a new market

Todd’s first syndication deal

The value of the first deal

Todd’s advice to his younger self

Todd’s insight for aspiring multifamily investors

How Todd’s life changed after he quit teaching

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