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Are you treating insurance like a commodity?

We made that same mistake early in our syndication journey. But now we look for the best combination of value and quality we can get.

Matthew Sutika is Chief Insurance Officer at Obie, a company working to provide a simple, affordable and transparent insurance experience for landlords and investors.

Matt is an award-winning entrepreneur and business owner in the multifamily and habitational insurance sector. He also invests in real estate and early-stage insurance and tech startups.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Matt joins me to explore the false beliefs investors have about insurance and explain what coverage decisions to look at with your insurance broker after close.

Matt offers advice on getting insurance costs right in your underwriting, sharing his list of GOTCHAS that drive up premiums for multifamily.

Listen in for Matt’s insight on managing rising insurance costs and find out if Obie Insurance is the right fit for you and your syndication business!

Key Takeaways

What false beliefs real estate investors have about insurance

Why Matt suggests sitting down with your insurance broker after close

Matt’s advice on getting insurance costs right in your underwriting

Matt’s list of gotchas that drive up multifamily insurance premiums

What operators can do to manage increasing insurance premiums

Matt’s outlook for multifamily insurance over the next 5 years

The investors Matt works with through Obie Insurance

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