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How does a schoolteacher overcome her limiting beliefs to become a full-time syndicator?

For Julie Holly, community was key in helping her shift from anxious single-family landlord to self-assured multifamily GP.

Julie is Founder of Three Keys Investments, a multifamily firm committed to helping investors build passive income and legacy wealth. She also serves as Host of The Conscious Investor Podcast.

Julie began her career as a schoolteacher with a portfolio of single-family homes before transitioning to syndications. Today, she’s a passive investor in 300 doors, she's partnered in 68 units and GP for another 120.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Julie joins me to explain how Arnold Schwarzenegger launched her investing career and what she did to overcome the WHAT IF mindset that held her back early on.

Julie discusses why now is the right time to get into multifamily investing and describes how she is adjusting her underwriting to protect her LPs.

Listen in for Julie’s insight on building confidence through community and get inspired to invest in yourself as you take the next step in YOUR real estate investing journey! 

Key Takeaways

How Arnold Schwarzenegger launched Julie’s investing career

The next steps in Julie’s real estate investing journey

What problems syndication solved for Julie and her family

How the WHAT IF mindset held Julie back

How Julie overcame her WHAT IF mindset

How a spouse can best support an aspiring syndicator

Why now is the right time to get started with multifamily

How Julie is adjusting her underwriting right now

How Julie gained the confidence to talk to investors early on

What’s next for Julie and Three Keys Investments

Julie’s advice for aspiring multifamily syndicators

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