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MB348: Building Confidence Through Community – With Julie Holly

Building Confidence Through Community

How does a schoolteacher overcome limiting beliefs to become a full-time syndicator? For Julie Holly, community was key in helping her shift from anxious single-family landlord to self-assured multifamily GP. Listen in as Julie explains how to build confidence through community and challenges you to take the next step in your real estate investing journey!

How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs As A New Investor


  Cody Davis shares with us his thoughts about limiting beliefs as a younger real estate investor: This means, not just young in age, but also in experience. We all start at Ground Zero. Everybody, regardless of whether or not you’re born into money, has to start at ground zero for building up their knowledge […]

MB294: Build Your Confidence at Deal Maker Bootcamp – With Drew Kniffin


Aspiring multifamily investors who work through a simulation of their first deal are more likely to succeed than those who don’t practice the process beforehand. Today, Drew Kniffin and I explain how our upcoming Deal Maker Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to practice the steps in finding and closing on your first apartment building!

MB 194: How to Crush It in 2020: 6 Steps to Setting Goals You WILL Achieve

MB 194: How to Crush It in 2020: 6 Steps to Setting Goals You WILL Achieve

It’s that time of year again. Time to set goals for the year ahead and start working toward your dream of financial freedom with multifamily investing. Today, I’m sharing my top 6 tips for setting goals you CAN and WILL achieve, explaining how to avoid overwhelm, stay on track and absolutely crush it in 2020!

MB 085 – Leaning on the Credibility of Your Team to Jump-Start Your Multi-Family Business – With Devin Elder

If you want to invest in apartments but you are suffering from a crisis of confidence, successful multifamily syndicator Devin Elder feels your pain. After years of taking baby steps, he is finally doing 75- and 192-unit deals with the help of an experienced team. Learn how the right peer group and a ‘someday is now’ philosophy inspired him to pursue larger deals, and hear his advice around ‘borrowing credibility’ to jump-start your multi-family business!