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Those of us with analytical minds tend to be fairly risk averse.

But entrepreneurship requires that we move forward with incomplete information.

So, what can we do to overcome that fear of the unknown and get into our first real estate deal? How do we develop the confidence to figure things out as we go along?

Nicole Gauthier is Founder of Wicked Holdings, a real estate investment community focused on social change and community empowerment.

Nicole was an accountant in the oil and gas industry before transitioning to real estate, and she has a heart for helping busy professionals build generational wealth through multifamily syndications.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Nicole joins us to discuss how the mantra ‘progress over perfection’ helps her overcome the uncertainty of investing in real estate.

Nicole describes how her education and experience as an LP gave her the confidence to become a multifamily operator and explains how to develop transformational relationships with investors.

Listen in for Nicole’s advice on approaching a potential mentor and learn how to overcome analysis paralysis and take the calculated risks necessary to get into your first real estate deal!

Key Takeaways

Why Nicole got into real estate

How Nicole got into real estate

How Nicole overcame being risk averse

What inspired Nicole’s transition to multifamily

What gave Nicole the confidence to do multifamily

How Nicole avoided analysis paralysis

What Nicole learned as an LP that informs her role as GP

How Nicole got into her first multifamily deal as GP

Nicole’s advice on connecting with a mentor

How Nicole scaled her company

Nicole’s approach to raising capital for multifamily

Nicole’s outlook for the next 12 months

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