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One of the questions David Meilan, the Director of Investor Relations here at Nighthawk Equity, gets asked on a daily basis is…

What can passive investors do to best position themselves to participate in our syndication opportunities?

This is such a great question because it shows that as an investor, you're being PROACTIVE.

Take a moment to watch this video where I share with you the steps investors can take RIGHT NOW to be part of our upcoming investment opportunities.

A lot of times these syndications fill up rather quickly. We've had one fill up within 24 hours, others have taken 48 or 72 hours. The point is, there’s sometimes not a lot of time to get into these deals.

So, we’ve actually started giving our investors a heads upsometimes immediately after we have a deal on a contract.

The downside is, the deal may not close.

We may discover something in the due diligence process that puts a pause to the whole deal. 

BUT, we've found that a lot of our investors have been frustrated that when we get a deal, they have no time to get in.

So we're serving our investors by giving them a heads up and then advising them what they can do to be in the best position to invest in a deal.

So the question, how do best position yourself as an investor so that when our next deal presents itself, you'll be ready?

It depends on the situation.

Let’s say someone is investing with IRA funds, or some sort of trust. Sometimes that takes a while to get those accounts ready. It may take two or three weeks just to get the account set up and funded. 

Or, for example, you want to start taking money out of the stock market. That means you have to sell something, you have to call your stockbroker, you have to have that conversation, then you have to have those funds ready to invest. 

Sometimes it's also a matter of educating yourself. So that when a deal comes along and there's no time to ask… Well, what are the steps to invest? What are the downsides? What's the risk? Who is on there? 

…You have those big questions out of the way.

That’s why we encourage people to schedule a call with us.

You can go to, click the Join button, and have a conversation with David. You can ask some of these questions and find the answers that you're looking for now.

That way when a deal comes knockin' – you'll be ready.

We also have a lot of free resources to educate you about the investing part.

You can get some of those big questions out of the way, so when you get a deal, you're actually asking deal-specific questions, you’re not asking the big, more macro questions.

So, we’ve established that these things should close out very quickly. 

What does the investment process look like? 

I can only speak for us, but we'll let you know when we have a deal on a contract, so you can get your funds in order. 

When that happens, we typically do a live webinar to get everybody on the same page.

At the same time, you can watch the presentation, you can learn about the deal, you can learn about the team, our track record, the highlights of this deal, why we like this deal, what the business opportunity is, and then we allow people to ask questions. 

And if you're not able to be on the call, there's a replay you can watch. We also have an executive summary PDF so you can read the same information. 

Typically, when you have a conversation with us – you go to and you click the Join button, you fill out a short form, you have a conversation – you enter our system.

You learn about the opportunity and you have a chance to tell us up front, if you're invested in the deal.

It's called a soft commit. If you tell us you're interested in a deal, then we'll get you into our investor portal. Once in the portal, you click on this opportunity you can download the executive summary again, you can reconfirm your commitment, you get to review the legal documents. 

The documents you’re going to review are the private placement memorandum, which is a legal document that has every possible disclosure about who the operators are, their track records, the possible tax implications, the business plan, the operating agreement. 

And then there's the actual operating agreement that governs how decisions are made, how profits are split. 

And then there's something called a subscription agreement that basically says that you've got all these documents, that you're investing a certain amount, and that you certify you're an accredited or non-accredited investor. 

When you review these documents, you DocuSign them, and once that's done, we give you the wire instructions, then you wire the funds to the escrow agent. 

Once that happens, you're officially in the deal. 

So that's the investing process all the way through to closing.

With that in mind, how often do we have deals? And when can you expect the next deal to come around?

Well, if I had a magic wand, I would do a deal precisely every 90 days. That's perfect. 

Typically, we would like to do three or four deals per year – one a quarter is really what our goal is – if we had a magic wand.

If you want to be a passive investor, just make sure you're on our deal ready list to receive communication about any upcoming deals. Sign up for a phone appointment with me by using the link at, clicking the Join button and booking a call.


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