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Cody Davis shares with us his thoughts about limiting beliefs as a younger real estate investor:

This means, not just young in age, but also in experience.

We all start at Ground Zero. Everybody, regardless of whether or not you're born into money, has to start at ground zero for building up their knowledge base. There are a lot of limiting beliefs when you get into this space.

When I got started, I had difficulties talking to people. I was super insecure; I was the guy who was afraid to go talk to a cashier at Starbucks, or talk to a cashier at McDonald's. So, I had this limiting belief that no one wants to hear what I have to say. I was younger and thought, Nobody wants to hear from the guy who hasn't been doing this very long.

I thought that people didn't want to hear from me, just because I didn't have experience, and that held me back. I had to work on that and grow. And in doing so, I noticed other mental blocks that I put up for myself. I can imagine there are other people out there who do the same thing.

Repetition and Practice

I had to practice a lot. Regardless of what the limiting belief was, I had to figure out how to overcome it. The best thing I've ever heard, is whatever the reason is that you tell yourself not to do something, that's the reason you should do it.

If you're uncomfortable talking with folks, if you're an introvert, that's the reason you should go talk to people. If you think they're not going to like what you have to say, that's the reason you should go say it. If you're afraid to go talk in front of your high school class, because you think you're going to get laughed at, prove it. Maybe you will get laughed at. I've been laughed at, but that helped me grow as a speaker, it helped me grow as a person and overcome those limiting beliefs.

I was told by some people in my sphere that I didn't know how to close, I didn't know how to sell. So I set that belief on myself, I'm not as good as the people around me that have been doing this for 10 years. And I started practicing, I started selling and then I started out selling some of them on different products and services, not just real estate, but on a little company that I created. I started to build that up, and as that built up, I built my confidence.

Build Your Confidence

The confidence is what helps overcome the limiting beliefs.

So, whatever the reason is that you shouldn't do it, you're objecting to yourself, you're putting up that smoke screen, that “easy out” that's the reason that you should do it.

Go prove it to the world, prove it to yourself. Don't operate in theory, and make sure at the end of the day that you're doing it to improve yourself, because little by little if you get 1% better every single day, you're going look back on yourself one year from now, and be so grateful that you worked on this.

Whatever the reason is  that you put up for yourself not to do it, use that as your reason to go knock it out of the park.

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