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What is stopping you from achieving financial freedom through apartment building investing? Is it because you don’t have single-family experience? Are you intimidated by the perceived complexity of the multi-family space? Or maybe you think you don’t have enough money to consider pursuing multi-family deals? Today’s guest has encountered and overcome all of these limiting beliefs, and today he reveals how to get out of your own way and get on the road to financial freedom.

Tyler Sheff is the founder of and the host of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast. He was making six figures as a merchant mariner when he and his wife took a hard look at their future. Tyler didn’t want to wait until he was 65 to enjoy life, so he took compensatory time and gave himself six months see if real estate investing would prove viable and provide the cashflow necessary to attain financial freedom.

In just 11 months, Tyler had replaced his income. At that point, he had invested in 26 units in Florida and Tennessee – using none of his own money. Now he leverages his 17 years of experience to demystify the real estate investing space, encouraging others to focus on cashflow and take massive action toward their goals. Today, Tyler shares his journey, explaining how he landed his first few multi-family deals, why single-family experience is unnecessary in the apartment building space, and how he employs relationship marketing to raise capital. Listen in as he unpacks each of the limiting beliefs that held him back and reveals how to overcome ‘analysis paralysis’ and move forward with your dreams of building passive income and escaping the rat race.

Key Takeaways

 [2:55] How Tyler got started in real estate

[4:32] Why Tyler returned to real estate

[8:08] Tyler’s experience as a landlord

[9:10] Tyler’s first multi-family deal

 [12:12] Tyler’s next two deals

[17:22] The limiting beliefs that held Tyler back

[19:22] Why single-family experience is unnecessary to enter the multi-family space

[21:49] How Tyler achieved multi-family deals without using any of his own money

[23:05] How Tyler leveraged ‘relationship marketing’ to raise capital

[24:44] Why the complexity of multi-family is a limiting belief

[25:50] The importance of Tyler’s first deal

[26:56] How Tyler’s life has changed

[29:51] Tyler’s perfect day

[30:27] Tyler’s advice for aspiring multi-family investors

[31:02] How Tyler wants to be remembered

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