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What’s the Difference with Class A, B & C Apartments?

In the world of multifamily apartment community syndications, one very important distinction to understand is the difference between Class A apartments and Class B and C. We asked Drew Kniffin, President of Nighthawk Equity, to shed some light on the differences between those asset classes. Class A is going to be your highest best, most […]

What Distinguishes Strong Operators From Weak Ones

What Distinguishes Strong Operators from Weak Ones

“When the tide goes out, you can see who’s been swimming naked.” – Warren Buffet. Wall Street’s been hit hard by the economic slowdown, but here’s the thing… Multifamily investing isn’t immune. While it’s still a great bet for passive investors, there’s a key element to consider: Which operators are swimming naked?

MB 072: How to Overcome the Most Crippling Limiting Beliefs – With Tyler Sheff

What is stopping you from achieving financial freedom through apartment building investing? Listen to my conversation with Tyler Sheff of as he unpacks each of the limiting beliefs that held him back and reveals how he overcame ‘analysis paralysis’ to replace his six-figure income in 11 months through investments in 26 units – using none of his own money!

MB 069: Why Women Need a Real Estate Portfolio – With Whitney Nicely

Join my conversation with Whitney Nicely, the queen of real estate investing in east Tennessee. Today we discuss the benefits of a bold, ‘throw spaghetti at the wall’ approach to investing, how Whitney finances deals with no money or credit, and the reasons why it’s advantageous for every woman to build a real estate portfolio of her own.