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MB420: 3 Accelerators to Financial Freedom — With Masha Kruskal & Ahuva Druin

Wish you could get a bigger real estate deal done faster? Then you need the 3 freedom accelerators—the right system, the right support, and the right network. Listen in as Masha Kruskal and Ahuva Druin explain how they connected in the Michael Blank Mentoring Program and joined forces to fast-track their success as multifamily GPs!

MB319: An Introvert’s Guide to Raising Capital – With Jonathan Wei

An Introverts Guide to Raising Capital

English is Jonathan Wei’s second language and he’s a quiet, introverted guy. And yet, he’s raised millions of dollars for multifamily syndication deals. What’s his secret? Listen in as Jonathan explains how to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve the same success in commercial real estate that you’ve had in other areas of your life!

How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs As A New Investor


  Cody Davis shares with us his thoughts about limiting beliefs as a younger real estate investor: This means, not just young in age, but also in experience. We all start at Ground Zero. Everybody, regardless of whether or not you’re born into money, has to start at ground zero for building up their knowledge […]

MB 239: Developing a Can-Be-Done Mindset for Multifamily – With Jeremy LeMere

So, you know that multifamily investing would help you achieve financial freedom on an accelerated timeline. But you just don’t BELIEVE that you can do it. Today, Jeremy LeMere joins me to explain how he leveraged a mentoring program to overcome limiting beliefs and develop the confidence to invest in commercial real estate!

MB 201: The Truth About Limiting Beliefs – With Rod Khleif

The Truth About Limiting Beliefs – With Rod Khleif

What excuses are you using to explain why you haven’t gotten started with multifamily? What if those explanations are really just stories you’re telling yourself to justify a lack of action? Today, Rod Khleif joins me to share the truth about our limiting beliefs and discuss the habits successful real estate investors have in common.

MB 133: Designing a Life of Balance – With Ken McElroy

If you ask people to reflect on their regrets, no one ever mentions money or work. Rather, their focus tends toward relationships. Today, Ken McElroy joins me to explain how he has designed a life of balance that allows him to scale a successful real estate business AND be fully present with his family.

MB 072: How to Overcome the Most Crippling Limiting Beliefs – With Tyler Sheff

What is stopping you from achieving financial freedom through apartment building investing? Listen to my conversation with Tyler Sheff of as he unpacks each of the limiting beliefs that held him back and reveals how he overcame ‘analysis paralysis’ to replace his six-figure income in 11 months through investments in 26 units – using none of his own money!