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Andrew Elio is a 22-year-old recent college graduate, but he already knows that he doesn’t want to work for someone else the rest of his life.

That’s what motivated him to join our Deal Maker Certification program a month ago. At the same time, he started working a full-time job.

How is Andrew juggling both responsibilities? What’s he struggling with? What progress has he made so far?

And what’s the most important thing Andrew can do to accelerate his success?

On this edition of Business Boost with Michael Blank, Andrew shares his anxiety around talking to brokers, and we discuss the role of practice in building confidence.

Andrew describes how he got into the habit of taking consistent action every day, and I discuss the benefits of networking with the Deal Maker Mastermind community.

Listen in as I address Andrew’s questions about what a loan covers (and what it doesn’t) and offer advice on finding an experienced mentor to fast-track his journey to financial freedom!

Key Takeaways

What inspired Andrew’s interest in multifamily investing

  • Involved in different investments throughout life
  • Read and loved Michael’s book 2 months ago

What action Andrew has taken on his investing journey

  • Working through Deal Maker Certification
  • Analyzing deals and making plans to network

What Andrew’s worried about right now

  • Anxious about talking to brokers and PMs
  • Lonely because no one else his age is involved

How practice is helping Andrew apply what he learned

  • Improves skills in deal analysis
  • Builds confidence in talking to brokers

What’s keeping Andrew on track

  • No security in working for someone else
  • Motivated to build generational wealth

How Andrew is working full time and pursuing real estate

  • Devotes 2 hours every night after workout
  • Daily action has become habit

How Andrew plans to connect with community

  • Network in person through Meetups
  • Network virtually with Deal Maker Mastermind

What Andrew is struggling with right now

  • Talking to brokers and property managers
  • Fear of not moving fast enough

Michael’s advice for Andrew

  • Stay consistent, do something every day
  • Commit to activities that lead to desired outcome
  • Consider finding partner for faster results

What a loan covers and what it doesn’t

  • Does cover real estate itself, construction/rehab
  • Doesn’t cover fees, closing costs or equity

Why Michael recommends finding a mentor

  • Ask situational technical questions as come up
  • Accelerate path to financial freedom

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