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Business Boost with Michael Blank: How to Get Back on Track When Your Multifamily Journey Stalls – With Sudhir Jarajapu

Sudhir Jarajapu took the first steps on his multifamily investing journey and invested in our mentoring program. But then he got off track. In fact, it took Sudhir nine months to work through the first 90 days of the program! So, what got in the way? And what did Sudhir do to get back in the game? Welcome to the first of our Business Boost with Michael Blank series on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, where I do a live coaching session with a new syndicator! On this episode of the podcast, Sudhir explains what inspired his interest in multifamily investing and why he chose to pursue mentoring with the Michael Blank organization. Sudhir describes how he struggled to make time for the mentoring program at first and shares how both his mentor and his family eventually held him accountable to take action. Listen in as I ask Sudhir what he needs support with right now, and we design an action plan to help him achieve financial freedom with real estate!

Key Takeaways

Michael’s 5 stages of transformation
  1. Indecision
  2. Commitment
  3. Learning
  4. Practice
  5. Consistency
What inspired Sudhir’s interest in multifamily investing
  • Single family not enough to replace W-2 income
  • Doubled money in 5 years as LP in syndication
  • Curious about potential for getting into GP side
Why Sudhir invested in mentoring with Michael Blank
  • Resonates with way Michael explains things
  • Wants support to accelerate process
Why Sudhir struggled with the program at first
  • Wasn’t dedicating time to work through steps
  • Full-time job and life get in way
How Sudhir got back on track
  • Mentor and family held him accountable
  • Up at 4:30 and time box 90 minutes
Where Sudhir is now on his multifamily journey
  • Raising capital for 2 deals
  • Recruit wife to help with deal analysis
What Sudhir needs help with right now
  • Finding right partners
  • More deals to analyze in inbox
What Sudhir is doing to solve the deal flow issue
  • Identify active brokers in market on LoopNet
  • Build relationships with brokers
What Sudhir is doing to find the right partners
  • Go to local Meetups, real estate conferences
  • Leverage Michael’s network
What Sudhir is looking for in a partner
  • Same vision, complementary skills
  • Someone who specializes in raising capital
Sudhir’s plan for staying consistent
  • Mindset of patience and no expectations
  • Committed to activity for as long as it takes

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