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Let’s say you have a single-family rental that makes you $100 a month. What if you took advantage of a 1031 exchange to purchase a 5-unit building that generates a dramatically higher monthly income of $1K? When Michael Zuber realized the potential cashflow of multifamily investing and the lack of competition in the market for small apartment buildings, his mindset shifted. He went from seeing real estate as a smart place to keep his money to an opportunity to achieve financial independence.

Michael is a full-time real estate investor who specializes in 5- to 20-unit apartment buildings. After 15 years of real estate investing, Michael quit his W-2 job to start One Rental at a Time, a company focused on helping busy professionals begin their own journey to financial freedom. Michael’s goal is to help 1K people learn the fundamentals of real estate investing through his educational platform. He is also the author of the book, 15 Year Journey to Financial Freedom Via One Rental at a Time

Today, Michael joins me to explain how losing six figures in the stock market led him to real estate investing and describe his initial strategy to buy and hold several single-family homes. He discusses his realization around the cashflow potential of small multifamily properties, sharing how he leveraged the 1031 exchange to transition from eight to 80 units in 18 months—right before the crash in 2008. Michael also offers insight around his strategy during the crash, how he is preparing for the likely market correction, and how he might have accelerated his journey to financial freedom. Listen in to understand how Michael opened his mind to multifamily and learn how he can help you through his new platform, One Rental at a Time.

Key Takeaways

How Michael got into real estate

Michael’s initial real estate plan

How Michael financed his first deals

Michael’s transition to multifamily

The details of Michael’s first multifamily deal

Michael’s mindset shift

Michael’s strategy during the crash

Why Michael waited to quit his job

Michael’s One Rental at a Time YouTube Channel

How Michael could have accelerated the process

How Michael is preparing for the market correction

Michael’s advice for aspiring multifamily investors

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15 Year Journey to Financial Freedom Via One Rental at a Time by Michael Zuber


Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing: The Blueprint to Quitting Your Job with Real Estate—Even Without Experience or Cash by Michael Blank

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