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So, you’re on the phone with a real estate broker or a potential investor. Chances are, they’re Googling you to see if you’re the real deal. If they don’t find a website, it’s unlikely they’ll take you seriously. And if they find a poorly designed site, that’s even worse! A quality website affords you instant credibility as a syndicator. But is there an easy way to build a good one without investing a lot of time or money in the process?

Todd Heitner is the founder of Apartment Investor Pro and Done Deal Websites. He supports real estate investors in building professional-quality websites. Todd’s service includes beautiful design, well-written content and quick setup, giving you the credibility and systems you need to connect with brokers and investors at a fraction of the cost.

Today, Todd joins me to explain how a professional website affords syndicators instant credibility. He walks us through the features of a quality website, from domain name to design to content to maintenance. Listen in for Todd’s insight on the value of automation in building relationships with investors and learn how Apartment Investor Pro can help you set up a website in just one day!

Key Takeaways

How a website provides credibility

The elements of a quality website

The value of website automation

The features of Apartment Investor Pro

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