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As a multifamily syndicator, one of your most important responsibilities lies in building long-term trust with investors. And when you are dealing with a handful of high-net-worth individuals, it is fairly easy to keep track of who has committed to a deal, signed the appropriate documents and wired their money. As you scale your real estate business, however, it becomes increasingly challenging to communicate consistently and manage larger and larger numbers of investors. But it can be done by automating your workflow process.

Josiah Mann is the founder and CEO of Investor Deal Room, a modern, white-label investor management platform that supports real estate syndicators in raising capital and streamlining their back office through automation. Businesses using the Investor Deal Room software have raised over $40M in private capital and represent nearly $500M in assets under management.

Today, Josiah joins me to walk us through the process of onboarding multifamily investors. He explains how to build your database by way of content marketing and create a lead magnet that addresses investor pain points. Josiah describes the step-by-step process of tracking leads through closing and shares best practices for communicating with investors via quarterly reports and individual statements. Listen in to understand the value of automating investor relations as you scale your business and learn how Investor Deal Room can help you build long-term trust with investors!

Key Takeaways

Josiah’s insight on marketing to investors

How to design free resources for investors

The process of tracking investors through closing

  1. Investor marketing packet (e.g.: webinar, email)
  2. Create spreadsheet to track leads, commitments
  3. Subscription documents + wiring instructions
  4. Send confirmation letter once money in escrow

The best practices for syndicators AFTER closing

How Investor Deal Room automates investor relations

How Investor Deal Room addresses joint venture partners

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