Most of us don’t see ourselves as salespeople. We believe you have to be an attack dog to do well in sales, and that’s just not us. But according to Blair Singer, we can make a lot of money just being ourselves. In fact, there are several different kinds of Sales Dogs, and we can all learn to sell—and do it well—by managing that little voice in our heads and playing to our strengths. And frankly, sales is a fundamental part of any business, including real estate investing.

Blair is the Rich Dad Sales Advisor and Chief Leadership Engineer at Blair Singer Companies. An expert in sales and leadership mastery, Blair has helped tens of thousands of people significantly increase their sales and income in just six weeks. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, presenting to corporate and public audiences in 35 countries on the topics of personal and professional development. Blair is also the bestselling author of Sales Dogs: You Don’t Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales and Little Voice Mastery: How to Win the War Between Your Ears in 30 Seconds or Less and Have an Extraordinary Life!

Today, Blair joins me to explain why sales is necessary in any business and discuss the value of cultivating sales skills as a real estate investor. He shares the five types of Sales Dogs, describing how we can overcome the fear of rejection and make money just being ourselves. Blair also offers insight on managing the little voice in your head, learning to be authentic, and playing to your strengths—rather than trying to overcome your weaknesses. Listen in to understand how to win the ‘war between your ears’ and learn why the most important sale is YOU selling YOU to YOU!

Key Takeaways

Why Robert Kiyosaki needs a sales advisor

  • #1 skill in any business
  • Sales = income

Blair’s 5 types of Sales Dogs

  1. Pit bull—stereotypical salesperson
  2. Poodle—charming networker
  3. Chihuahua—detail-oriented
  4. Golden retriever—serve first
  5. Basset hound—instant rapport

Why real estate investors need sales skills

  • Craft pitch to specific investor
  • Sell trust in you

How to overcome the fear of rejection

  • Practice, perfect technique
  • Good coaching

Blair’s insight around personal development

  • ‘Win war between your ears’
  • Key to success in sales

Why it’s crucial to manage your little voice

  • Sabotage best efforts
  • Move aside to control life again

Why people have a hard time being authentic

  • Put on façade to make people like us
  • Addicted to approval

Blair’s advice on playing to your strengths

  • Find what good at, do more of that
  • Avoid comparison with others

Blair’s take on the path to success

  • Not as far as we think
  • ‘Distance from right to left ear’

Blair’s steps to cultivating confidence

  1. Develop awareness of little voice
  2. Study personal growth
  3. Leverage good coaching

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