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The beautiful thing about achieving financial freedom is that it gives you the means to give back. Of all the investors I know, the majority who quit their jobs with multifamily go on to pursue a greater purpose, using real estate as a vehicle to make other’s lives better.

Reed Goossens is a real estate entrepreneur and Managing Partner of Wildhorn Capital. He moved to the New York from his native Australia in 2012, and since then, Reed has grown a portfolio of 1,100 multifamily units. He has been involved with $500M-worth of large-scale commercial construction and development projects in Australia, the UK and the US. Reed is also the host of the Investing in the US podcast and author of Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate.

Today, Reed joins me to discuss how his life is different now that he’s financially free and why he’s using the platform he created through real estate to raise cancer awareness. He also weighs in on the difference between productivity and activity, offering insight around the best use of your time as a syndicator and the value in firing yourself from repetitive or administrative tasks. Listen in to understand how Reed’s definition of success has changed to focus on his evolution as an entrepreneur and learn the #1 factor that helped him build a substantial multifamily portfolio!

Key Takeaways

Reed’s mom’s inspiring advice

Reed’s journey to financial freedom

Reed’s insight on productivity vs. activity

The best use of your time as a syndicator

Reed’s first hires as a multifamily investor

The activities that Reed categorizes as ‘black time’

How Reed’s definition of success has changed over the years

Reed’s mission now that he’s achieved financial freedom

The #1 factor in building Reed’s 1,100-unit portfolio

Reed’s advice for building a successful brand

How Reed is building a multifamily business ecosystem

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