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Good deals are so hard to find right now! That’s become a common complaint among real estate investors in recent months, but I’m not convinced it’s true. In fact, if you’re willing to hustle and approach brokers with a service-first mindset, it’s fairly easy to find off-market multifamily deals.

Logan Freeman is a commercial real estate agent, investor, developer and capital raiser. He is also the founder of LiveFree Investments, a Kansas City firm specializing in joint ventures and equity partnerships that provides strong returns on capital from secure investments. Logan got his start in real estate doing a live-in flip back in 2013, and since then, he has completed 80-plus transactions and earns $13M for his investors annually.

Today, Logan joins me to explain why he was dreaming about real estate—even as he was being drafted for the NFL! He discusses the niche he has developed representing buyers and building his own portfolio, describing how he builds credibility with brokers by solving problems and adding value. Listen in for Logan’s What if? approach to real estate networking and learn how he is hustling to find off-market deals for his clients—and himself!

Key Takeaways

Logan’s path to real estate

Logan’s introduction to real estate

How Logan got started in real estate

What inspired Logan’s transition to multifamily

Logan’s status as the go-to guy when people need to sell

How Logan gets brokers to take him seriously

What Logan’s excited about moving forward

  1. Creative strategies to buy off-market properties
  2. Marketing tactics to build personal brand
  3. Co-GP on self-storage, mobile home parks

Connect with Logan

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