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Paul Hutchings was down and out, living in a trailer park while trying to provide for his family with his multi-level marketing (MLM) business. For years he was barely getting buy.

Until he read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill for the second time. But this time he didn't just read it – he studied it – over and over again, and started to implement the mindset-building techniques that Hill teaches in the book.

He said it took 6 months of daily affirmations before he was able to believe that what he wanted to do would be real. He went from a state of hoping to a state of absolute belief and certainty. He could see the checks coming in. All he needed to do was to perform the tasks before him. At that point, his business sprung to life, paying him $3,000 that month and soon thereafter he hit $10,000 per month. What he envisioned in his mind became a reality. But it started first in his mind and then he had to BELIEVE that it would be real. And then it was.

My interview with Paul made such an impact on me that I immediately re-read the book myself and have started to put into practice the daily affirmations it teaches. I've done this before but have grown lax in the last year or so. It's time to re-engage, get the MIND straight and work on developing my own FAITH.

While not specifically about apartment building investing, this episode is about SUCCESS in both monetary terms but also in terms of being someone who will make a lasting impact on the world. It's such an uplifting episode that I KNOW you will enjoy it and it will energize you. You'll probably want to read Think and Grow Rich afterwards, too!

Connect with Paul Hutchings

When I had these mindset shifts in 2009, I was so excited that I started this daily live conference call where we share ideas. There's no pitch, just a place where everyone can go on a daily basis, either Live or Recorded. It's the Think and Grow Rich Audios, I don't promote anything we just get together by phone every morning to start the day off with the right mindset. If someone wants to learn more about Internet Marketing, check out

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  1. Michael, words can’t describe what finding your site has done for me. Not only has it ACTUALLY taught about apartment syndication (and not the usual general hype about the philosophy of residual income!) but your own story has helped me personally. I’m 30 and after the divorce I’m starting out with less than I had at 19- and plenty of people to remind me of that! But when I listen to you it’s a beautiful reminder to relax and not be so hard on myself. You should do a few articles/videos about the importance of not letting ‘age’ hold you back. Because so many of us were pressured to ‘do something with our lives’ by a certain age. Just an idea. ^_^ Hugz

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