Join me as I interview multifamily investor and coach Chris Urso as he shares his story, life lessons and his outlook for the national apartment building market in 2015. Here's what we'll cover.

  • Chris' single biggest aha moment (and why this should be one for you too!). You have to answer these two questions for yourself before you do ANYTHING else.
  • How Chris chose to continue working towards his dream of owning large apartment buildings despite massive challenges and uncertainty to make that transition from single family houses.
  • Chris buys multifamilies in the midwest and southeast and so has a pulse on the national market. He goes where the deals are. Listen as he reflects on the 2014 market and his outlook for 2015. Find out where he's buying and why.
  • Find out what kind of deals he looks for and what kind of returns he tries to achieve for his investors.
  • Chris has a clever trick for finding deals in secondary markets where deals appear to sparse. It's a good one.

 Connecting with Chris

Check out his web site at and download his free report on smart apartment investing. You can also reach him at 631.683.5176.

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