What is your true, God-given calling in this life? Most of us are limited by time and money, so we don’t even dare to dream about fulfilling our purpose. But what if multifamily investing could give you the freedom to pursue your calling? To live a life of significance? And to make a real impact in the world?

Ellis Hammond is the founder of Kingdom Capitalists, the #1 mastermind for Christian real estate entrepreneurs. In 2018, when Ellis was serving as a full-time college pastor, he and his wife invested in a $600K duplex in San Diego. Nine months later, he added a 144-unit multifamily property in Memphis to his portfolio. Today, he manages a network of investors seeking passive income opportunities across the US with the goal of increasing their income and impact.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Ellis joins me to discuss what inspired him to get involved in real estate, sharing his AHA moment around the relationship between capital and impact. He opens up about the limiting beliefs he struggled with early on, describing the mindset shift that helped him get comfortable asking investors for very large sums of money. Listen in for Ellis’ insight on the power of community in real estate investing and learn how multifamily can give YOU the freedom to pursue your true calling.

Ellis Hammond – Key Takeaways

What inspired Ellis to get involved in real estate

  • Running Christian nonprofit in San Diego
  • Team member struggling to buy groceries

The Christian community’s limiting mindset around money

  • Seen as root of all evil
  • Ministry needs capital to create greatest impact

How Ellis’ approach to real estate investing evolved

  • Bought and renovated $600K duplex in San Diego
  • Introduced to syndication (leverage money raising skills)

The limiting beliefs Ellis struggled with early on

  • Thinking had to be millionaire to do multifamily
  • Scared to go big, ask for 10X sums of money

Ellis’ concept of creating margin in your life

  • Real estate gives freedom of time or money
  • Use to fulfill God’s calling on your life

What allowed Ellis to quit his job to pursue multifamily

  • Support of wife and team in ministry
  • Realized okay to pursue different calling

What Ellis is passionate about right now

  • Launch mastermind for Christian investors
  • Increase income + impact to change world

Why Ellis loves the community of real estate investing

  • Don’t have to love everything about process
  • Accelerate goals with just ONE connection

Ellis’ advice for aspiring multifamily investors

  • Figure out + leverage your superpower
  • Don’t have to do it alone

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