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MB407: How to Create Wealth in 2024 — With Michael Blank

how to create wealth in 2024

You want financial freedom, but it feels out of reach. Because you’re living paycheck to paycheck. And struggling to pay down consumer debt. So, how do you get from where you are now to building generational wealth? Listen in as I explain how to create wealth in 2024 with multifamily real estate.

MB311: Wealth Creation with Crypto & Real Estate – With Matthew Diemer

Wealth Creation with Crypto & Real Estate – With Matthew Diemer

Are you confused by cryptocurrency, the blockchain or NFTs? As multifamily investors, we’re all about protecting our net worth and owning physical assets as a hedge against inflation. But what about digital assets? Today, Matthew Diemer discusses the benefits of investing in blockchain technology, describing how crypto helps us create wealth by tokenizing real estate!

MB285: Success Starts with Purpose – With David Osborn

The most successful people are also the most purposeful. They create a vision for the future and take steps to get a little better every day. Today, David Osborn explains how to get clear on where you want to go, connect with the right people and grow into the best version of yourself!

MB 253: Don’t Follow Money, Make Money Follow You – With Keith Weinhold

Yes, work ethic is key in becoming a successful real estate investor. But mindset is even more important. Before you can start working toward the life you want, you have to overcome middleclass thinking. Today, Keith Weinhold joins us to explain how to stop following the money and start making money follow YOU.

MB 205: The Freedom to Pursue Your Calling – With Ellis Hammond

The Freedom to Pursue Your Calling

What is your God-given calling in this life? Most of us are limited by time and money, so we don’t even dare to dream about fulfilling our purpose. Today, Ellis Hammond joins me to discuss how multifamily investing can give you the freedom to pursue your calling and make a real impact in the world.