Are you confused by cryptocurrency, the blockchain or NFTs? 

As real estate investors, we’re all about wealth creation and owning physical assets as a hedge against inflation. But what about digital assets?

Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? What is blockchain technology all about? And how can it change the world for the better?

Matthew Diemer is a small business entrepreneur and host of the Decrypt Daily Podcast. Prior to Decrypt Daily, he founded Crypto 101 and held the titles of COO and GM in the global hospitality industry. Matthew is also a Democrat running for Congress in Northeast Ohio dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship, promoting tech innovation and reviving manufacturing in the US.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Matthew joins host Garrett Lynch and me to discuss the benefits of blockchain technology, describing what makes crypto a good investment vehicle and why Bitcoin is a strong hedge against inflation.

Matthew explains how crypto allows us to control our own wealth and what we can do to keep our digital currency outside government control.

Listen in for Matthew’s insight into buying digital real estate and learn how the blockchain can be used to create wealth by tokenizing properties.

Key Takeaways 

What Matthew loves about blockchain technology

  • Allows us to control own wealth
  • Democratizes access to financial tools
  • Gives us control of own data
  • Provides transparency in voting process

What makes crypto a good investment vehicle

  • Protect net worth in times of inflation
  • You control money (not government)

Why Bitcoin is a good hedge against inflation

  • Up 100% in price over last 3 years
  • 33% per year makes up for 7% inflation

 How to keep Bitcoin outside government control

  • Exchanges must comply with regulations
  • Store in own wallet, transact peer-to-peer

What gives Bitcoin its value

  • Finite supply increases demand
  • Bet on future (speculation)

The potential use cases for NFT technology

  • Mint driver’s licenses, diplomas, etc.
  • Digital trademarks or trading cards

The concept of digital real estate

  • Buy land in metaverse (‘live’ by celebrity)
  • Chase Bank’s Onyx Lounge

The impact of blockchain on physical real estate

  • Tokenize deed to house, use as collateral 
  • Bridge between digital and physical world

The timeline for mainstream crypto adoption

  • Likely to take several decades 
  • Regulatory evolution, BTC to CBDC war

Why Matthew is running for Congress

  • Make America home of tech innovation
  • Promote making things here in US

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