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Michael Flight used to be a crypto-skeptic. But as he learned more about the blockchain and its potential to make real estate more accessible to a wider audience, he became a crypto-innovator.

Today, Michael is CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC, the world’s first net lease security token fund. With 34 years of investing experience, he is leveraging the blockchain to tokenize ownership of high-quality commercial real estate.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Michael joins me to explain how his beliefs around freedom drew him to blockchain technology.

Michael describes the connections between real estate and the blockchain, discussing how it makes syndications more accessible and solves the liquidity problem in multifamily investing.

Listen in to understand how the SEC governs tokenized real estate deals and learn how to take the first steps in offering a multifamily syndication on the blockchain.

Key Takeaways

Why Michael got involved in Liberland

  • Affords him political and financial freedom
  • Transparent governance on blockchain

What inspired Michael to embrace crypto

  • Blockchain functions as value transfer network
  • Send money or assets anywhere in world

What differentiates the Bitcoin from the blockchain

  • Thinks of Bitcoin as digital gold
  • BTC = token traded on blockchain

How the blockchain connects with real estate

  • Tokenize property and transfer on blockchain
  • Makes syndications efficient and accessible

How the blockchain makes syndications more accessible

  • Tokenize apartment building, trade shares
  • Easier and less expensive to pay investors

How the SEC governs syndications on the blockchain

  • Must follow KYC/AML regulations
  • Requires accredited investor check

What investors can do with their shares in a syndication

  • Divide among family for estate planning
  • Sell off part or all
  • Borrow against shares

The 3 ways an investor can sell shares of a syndication

  • Trade peer-to-peer on blockchain
  • List with securities broker
  • Use ATS mini-exchange

The first step in offering a syndication on the blockchain

  • Amend syndication docs, operating agreement
  • Specify that shares can be issued to blockchain

Why tokenization platforms aren’t ready for prime time

  • Investor experience still complicated, clunky
  • Current setup for crypto investors

How stablecoins benefit real estate investors

  • Bridge between cryptocurrency and USD
  • Access money anywhere in world

What happens if an investor’s wallet gets hacked

  • Crypto like Bitcoin is lost
  • Burn and reissue security tokens

Michael’s predictions on the future of real estate

  • Pay rent in crypto or stablecoin
  • Transactions/contracts done on blockchain

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