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Multifamily investors know the advantages of scale. But when it comes to residential assisted living or RAL, bigger isn’t always better. The big-box model often leads to poor healthcare outcomes, treating residents not as individuals but part of a process. So, how can investors scale senior living facilities without compromising care?

Loe Hornbuckle is CEO of Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care and Cofounder of GoodHorn Capital, a real estate investment firm focused on recession-resistant asset classes including build-to-rent and senior living. Loe has a heart for improving the residential assisted living experience, providing residents with both the quality care associated with small RAL facilities and the advantages of scale.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Loe joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share his unique, hybrid approach to building assisted living and memory care facilities. Loe explains how his father’s bad experience in hospice inspired his interest in RAL and offers insight on applying his strategy to multifamily deals. Listen in to understand how Loe is solving the scaling problems of residential assisted living and find out if the business of caretaking is right for YOU.

Loe Hornbuckle – Key Takeaways

Loe’s approach to building assisted living and memory care facilities

How Loe is solving the scaling problems of residential assisted living

What Loe’s campus of care homes looks like

What inspired Loe’s interest in assisted living as an asset class

How an investor can get into the business of caretaking

How Loe thinks about processes and systems in RAL

The critical hires for a residential assisted living facility

How to apply Loe’s RAL strategy to multifamily investing

Loe’s advice on getting started with residential assisted living

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