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John Lee Dumas spent the first 32 years of his life chasing the almighty dollar—with little success. But when he took Albert Einstein’s advice and decided to become a man of value, that’s when JLD got a taste of success.

JLD is the host of the award-winning podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire, which has racked up over 100M listens and 3K five-star reviews since its launch in 2012. Through EOF, he has interviewed more than 3K of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, delivering the inspiration and strategies listeners need to FIRE UP their own entrepreneurial journey. JLD is also the author of The Common Path to Uncommon Success: A Roadmap to Financial Freedom and Fulfillment.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, JLD joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to discuss his early struggle to succeed and explain how he approaches the podcast as a way to provide value. He reflects on the powerful combination between hard work and passion, sharing the lessons he’s learned from elite entrepreneurs around productivity, discipline and focusing on one path to success. Listen in for JLD’s method of deciding which opportunities to pursue (investment and otherwise) and find out how achieving financial freedom can help YOU bring big-time value to the world.

Key Takeaways 

Why JLD struggled to succeed prior to EOF

JLD’s short career in commercial real estate

JLD’s approach to starting the podcast

Why hard work isn’t enough to succeed

Why financial freedom is important to JLD

The key themes in The Common Path…

What JLD is investing in right now

JLD’s top takeaways from 3K interviews

How JLD picks what opportunities to pursue

How JLD decides what to invest in

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