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Proximity is power. But how do you get in front of successful people when you're struggling yourself?

Sterling Griffin was homeless when he made the decision to surround himself with the people he wanted to become. Then he found creative ways to add value so they'd want to be friends.

And in just two years, Sterling went from living in his Honda Accord to making $1.68M.

Today, Sterling serves as Founder of Life Changer Academy and Sterling Capital, a real estate firm that provides high-net-worth individuals with access to tax-advantaged investments.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Sterling joins cohost Garrett Lynch to share his journey to becoming a millionaire, explaining how he borrowed money and sold his car to invest in a mentor and why he's committed to inspiring others to see more for themselves too.

Sterling describes his transition from fitness trainer to business coach to real estate investor, discussing his decision to focus on triple net lease investing and the tax advantages of accelerated depreciation.

Listen in for Sterling's insight on finding the right people to learn from and learn creative ways to add value to high-profile people who will help you grow to the next level of success!

Key Takeaways 

Sterling's journey from homeless to millionaire in 18 months

What Sterling did to attract a mentor while living in his car

What kept Sterling motivated to be successful

What inspired Sterling's transition to real estate investing

Why Sterling chose triple net lease investing

How Sterling’s investors benefit from accelerated depreciation

How Sterling finds the right people to learn from

Creative ways to add value to high-profile people

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