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Owning class D properties in neighborhoods plagued by gang violence, prostitution and drug abuse is not easy.

But it does give an owner-operator the street smarts to keep themselves, their employees and properties safe. And it makes for some pretty crazy stories!

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garrett follows up on his previous solo episode with more stories from his experience as an investor in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Garrett discusses what he did to prevent theft at vacant multifamily properties and describes how firing a maintenance worker nearly caused a gang war at one of his buildings.

Listen in for the story of how Garrett’s maintenance team caught a killer and find out what it’s like to collect rent at night not too far from Chicago’s infamous O Block.

Key Takeaways

How Garrett kept himself safe in South Side Chicago

What Garrett did to protect vacant properties from theft

What criminals steal from vacant multifamily properties

How Garrett prevented a gang war on his property

How Garrett’s maintenance team caught a killer

Garrett’s experience collecting rent on the West Side

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