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When I first started raising money for real estate syndications, I had lunch with a prospective investor who was interested but didn’t have the $50,000 minimum it took to get in on the deal.

But then I asked, ‘Do you have an IRA or anything?’ And it turned out he had $500,000 sitting in his retirement account. $500,000 he could use to buy real estate.

So, how do we educate potential investors about the opportunity to invest through a retirement account? What steps can passive investors take to shift money from a 401(k) or IRA into real estate?

Henry Yoshida, CFP, is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Dollar, a web platform that lets people invest tax advantaged retirement monies into private alternative investments.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Henry joins Garrett and me to explain what alternative investments you can and cannot invest in using 401(k) or IRA money.

Henry walks us through the process of moving retirement money into a self-directed account and describes the differences between traditional custodians and self-directed capable custodians like Rocket Dollar.

Listen in to understand the pros and cons of investing with an IRA versus cash and learn how Rocket Dollar accelerates the process of investing in stock market alternatives like multifamily syndications!

Key Takeaways

Henry’s background in financial services and startups

What attracted Henry to work around tax advantaged accounts

What you can and cannot invest in with your 401(k) or IRA money

The rules around using an IRA to buy real estate

Traditional custodians vs. self-directed capable custodians

What differentiates Rocket Dollar from other custodians

How to move money from an IRA to a Rocket Dollar account

The downside of owning real estate in an IRA or 401(k)

The advantages of investing in real estate with an IRA vs. cash

The disadvantages of investing in real estate with an IRA vs. cash

How Rocket Dollar makes it easy to invest in real estate

How Rocket Dollar educates investors around the rules of investing

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